The “MOSAIC” was completed with 214 humanitarian and environmental activities throughout Greece, ren ewing the pledge for next year! 

On Sunday 29th of May 2016, with the central message “We Are All Volunteers”, 6,411 AB Vassilopoulos employees along with 1,589 friends and customers, participated once again by sharing hope and love to our fellow citizens. For the 6th consecutive year, AB Vassilopoulos has actively supported “Volunteering” in order to enhance teamworking by offering through collective effort. In this spirit of volunteering and team effort, employees from all AB stores, headquarters and warehouses, planned activities which they implemented on Sunday 29th of May, selflessly offering their time and energy to those in need. Every year, participations are increasing and the project is growing. As always, the people who participated are worthy of congratulations since they managed to offer something special and unique, with simple ideas, from Crete to Alexandroupoli and from Corfu to Rhodes! 214 activities were organized all over the country, which included donations of food, clothing, and toys, implementation of entertainment activities, beach cleaning, care of indoor and outdoor spaces and many more, all of which make AB’s Volunteers Day an important annual tradition in our country! The employees who participated had the opportunity to volunteer for many diverse organizations, such as “The Smile of the Child”, Corfu Orphanage, Argos-Mycenae Municipality Soup Kitchen, Volos Nursing Home, Special Needs School of Drama, “Sunbeam” organization in Crete, Elefsina Center of Love, SOS Children’s Villages and others. It is worth noting, that in Thessaloniki only, AB employees were gathered in 9 central spots in the city from 10 am to offer refreshments to passersby and everyone could pay whatever they wanted in the transparent collection boxes located in the assembly points. This effort’s goal was to support 9 of the city’s organizations. “Volunteers Day” is an activity that AB’s people have believed in, loved, and implement every year with the support of friends, relatives, partners, suppliers and customers. Until next year, AB will continue to encourage volunteer work, collaboration and team spirit with initiatives and programs.