Six new stores in Salamina following the acquisition of the s/m Kanakis chain!

AB Vassilopoulos continues dynamically with the implementation of its investment plan and expands it s network in the biggest island of Saronikos. With the agreement of the acquisition of the s/m Kanakis chain, the company spreads with 6 new stores and brings the unique AB quality and service to Salamina. Out of the six new stores, two of them can be found at 155 & 126 Av. Salamina with impressive selling area of 2.968 m2 and 985 m2 respectively, while the first store has a spacious parking with 125 parking lots. The third super market is located to 1 Ypantis – Ampelakia St. with a selling area of 1.250 m2 and a parking with 45 parking lots. In Ag. Sikelianou and Mytilinis St. the fourth store can be found. It has a 2.237 m2 selling area and 170 parking spaces. The fifth store with 1.126 m2 selling area and 45 parking lots is on 42 Salaminomachon – Paloukia coast The sixth and last AB store has 1.380 m2 selling area, parking with 30 parking spaces and is located in 61 Av. Faneromeni. AB Vassilopoulos welcomes the 237 employees of the new stores in the AB family and all together will offer a rich and special buying experience in affordable prices for all!