EuroCharity forms strategic co-operation with Ethical Corporation

EuroCharity is pleased to announce the formation of a marketing partnership with Ethical Corporation, a global CSR publication with over 10,000 readers and 27,000 newsletter subscribers world-wide. The aim of this partnership is for each party to raise their profile by receiving mutually-beneficial exposure through the various recognised channels available, both on-line and off-line.

EuroCharity will be pro-actively promoting the Ethical Corporation’s magazine and forthcoming events to its members, partners and readers. More specifically, this year the following events will be publicised on and through EuroCharity’s bi-lingual, bi-weekly electronic newsletter that is sent to 11,000+ “opt-in” E-mails in Greece and overseas:

Founded in 2001 by Tobias Webb and Christian Braun, Ethical Corporation is an independent publisher and conference organiser on how companies relate to the world around them. Ethical Corporation also publishes the new on-line magazine, launched in February 2007.

As an independent company, Ethical Corporation publishes a monthly print magazine, a daily Web site, hold conferences around the world, and now and again the London-based firm produces reports on business ethics in big firms. Ethical Corporation is majority-owned by and headquartered with First Conferences Ltd., an independent, privately-owned London-based media company.

In addition, Ethical Corporation has established the Ethical Corporation Institute, a think-tank that explores the developing political role of international companies. Its aim is to inform on both impacts and practice on a broad range of issues faced by corporations operating internationally.

The Institute focuses on producing independent research, papers and reports on issues such as human rights, conflict prevention, government engagement and cross-sector partnerships for development, among others. Funding will come from companies on a project basis initially, followed eventually by corporate membership of the institute.

ECI exists to explore the emerging involvement of corporations in issues such as:

  • The politics of corporate citizenship — the relationships between business and government;
  • Private provision of the welfare state;
  • Corporate citizenship and human rights;
  • Capacity building with both NGOs, governments and other institutions.

Commenting on the marketing partnership between Ethical Corporation and EuroCharity, Ms. Julia Kantele, Head of Marketing & Communications, said: “I am very pleased with this co-operation with EuroCharity, a a socially responsive, values-based, for-profit company that donates 25% of its annual revenues to charity. We are delighted to closely work with EuroCharity on promoting Ethical Corporation’s monthly magazine and high-level conferences to an international audience of environmentally, socially and ethically responsive and active senior managers, entrepreneurs, business people and other stakeholders based in Greece and overseas. Ethical Corporation very much looks forward to co-operating with EuroCharity’s members in Greece and elsewhere, in view of offering them some of our special offers, products and services, and to timely inform them of our upcoming events.”

Sharing his enthusiasm with Ms. Kantele, Peter Michel Heilmann, President, EuroCharity, said: “We are excited about our marketing partnership with Ethical Corporation, since we believe that this truly is a ‘win-win’ co-operation that will be of benefit to both EuroCharity’s members and partners as well as Ethical Corporation. It is important to stress that we share common values with this highly-respected, independent, international publisher in London. I feel that our relationship will strengthen day by day, and that EuroCharity can add great value to Ethical Corporation and its think-tank, ECI. At EuroCharity, ‘making a world of difference’ is not just a motto or mission, but deeply embedded in the DNA of our company. We therefore hope that our members will reap the benefits of this marketing partnership and that Ethical Corporation will be able to broaden their client base.”