Speech by HEDNO CEO, Mr. Stefanos Oktapodas

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I would like to warmly thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in today’s forum held by the team of prestigious journalists of energypress. 

The energy market, as you know, is at its most critical, transitional period as the high environmental goals set by the European Union that are adopted by all member states, including our country, create many new challenges. These challenges are mainly related to the development of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and dispersed generation but also to the strengthening of the role of the citizen as an active consumer and producer; the result, as a consequence, shall be the improvement of efficiency and energy saving. 

I will try very briefly to explain why the role of HEDNO in this complex environment is decisive and potentially a catalyst for our transition to the zerocarbon economy. 

HEDNO, being the sole responsible Operator of the Electrical Energy Distribution Network across both mainland Greece and its islands, has fully complied with this new landscape. 

Its key objective is its transformation into a modern operator of technologically advanced networks and its strategic investments aim at upgrading the critical energy infrastructures of our country. The completion of its digital works is necessary for the transformation of the domestic energy market. 

The benefits expected from their implementation, along of course with the Company’s consistent objectives, are of crucial importance and pertain to the improvement of the quality of energy and the services provided to the citizens. These benefits will be accompanied by reduction of the costs of operation and will result in more efficient operation of the energy market and the protection of the environment effectuated by welcoming the increased penetration of the Renewable Energy Sources (RES). 

HEDNO and the infrastructures it manages are, therefore, the key to maximize the benefits for the citizen, the environment and economy. 

Furthermore, HEDNO will be able to develop new services and products through its modernization and with the use of new technologies, resulting in creating new sources of revenues. Combined with the reduction of the operational cost achieved by applying new innovative tools and systems in the company’s internal functions, the result will be the clearly improved services at a lower cost for the final customer.

Its strategic projects, including innovative systems and new information and telecommunication technologies, will usher the Network across the mainland and on the islands to a new era with modern services and automated procedures. 

HEDNO is steadily transforming into a High-tech Company through some of the above strategic projects. I will indicatively mention some of them: 

New Ermis, GIS, SCADA 

The new User Service Information System (new Ermis) relates to the modernization of the Customers’ Service System by installing the appropriate modern information system and the reorganization of the related structures, procedures and work methods. The benefits from the completion of this project is the more qualitative and faster handling of the customers’ requests and, generally, the modernization of the services provided by HEDNO for all customers, including electricity producers and suppliers. 

Installation of a Geographic Information System (GIS) 

The project concerns the digital recording of the Network positions using geographic coordinates and their entry in the Geographic Information System. 

The benefits are huge for the daily operation of HEDNO, as GIS will upgrade main operations i.e. gathering, updating and processing of all geographic and descriptive data of the Network and at the same time it will improve the monitoring of the works and shall upgrade, in general, all technical activities of the Company in the Network.

Expansion of SCADA systems 

Another equally critical project, demonstrating our digital upgrading, is the expansion of the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, which will allow us to improve the reliability of the Network operation system, and, therefore, improve the quality indexes, and gradually go towards the standardization of all remote systems. 

Smart Meters 

The smart meter project is also a project of national importance for HEDNO. Great attention has been given to the strategic planning for the roll-out of smart meters across Greece (for the 7.5 million consumers we service today). 

It is a critical project, because it shall decisively upgrade the services we provide for our customers, through the functional benefits offered by Remote Measuring. Our customers will be informed in real time and will be able to rationalize their consumption. Furthermore it enables further opening of the electricity supply market, it creates new business opportunities, it upgrades the Network operation and it will drastically limit the phenomenon of electricity thefts. 

Smart Islands 

Energy developments on the islands are currently along three pillars. The first pillar that directly concerns HEDNO is the Smart Islands, as defined by article 151, Law 4495/2017. 

As you may know, the islands of Astypalaia, Symi and Megisti (Kastelorizo) have been chosen for the RES hybrid projects that shall lead to the maximization of the penetration of Renewable Energy Sources, more than 60%, achieving thus the smooth operation and electricity sufficiency for the islands and simultaneous cost decrease, via the economical operation of their systems. 

HEDNO submitted RAE its relevant recommendations for these three smart islands in May 2018, and now is waiting for its opinion, which shall be submitted to the Ministry of Energy for the necessary ministerial decisions and the preparation of the tenders for these projects by the Regulatory Authority. 

Through its strategic planning, HEDNO will develop and modernize all of its operations in order to be able to handle the increasing challenges that are coming in the future and the more complex role that the Company is required to play. Both national and EU energy legislations should adjust in a way that would grant the maximum amount of flexibility to Operators, in order to enable them to perform their independent role in the electricity supply market. 

Ladies and Gentlemen 

The transition of our networks to the digital era is necessary and has already started.

This transition is one-way street to allow the national energy planning that includes ambitious objectives to be implemented fast and effectively. 

HEDNO, in cooperation with the Ministry and RAE, actively helps the transformation of the market, leading its modernization through the development of smart networks and smart islands, the development of electric vehicles and the creation of energy communities. 

Thank you very much.