Schneider Electric: Catch up on the latest trends in Global Energy Markets

The latest energy market intelligence is only a click away in our new 2019 Global Energy Outlook. You’ll find relevant trends and topics that move energy markets – from policy and political influences, to commodity volatility and non-commodity shifts, to weather impacts and emerging market opportunities in specific geographies around the globe.
Take a look at our latest updates:

Understanding Energy Market Convergence: As renewable power becomes cost competitive with traditional generation, the electricity market is converging. Discover the factors driving this change and how companies should adapt.

Brexit: Energy Risks to Watch: As the Brexit discussion continues we explore how supply and demand of energy may be impacted and how organizations can prepare.

Political and Policy Updates: Our new eBook features the latest global energy trends including commodity volatility, politics & energy policy, and extreme weather.

Green Power Adoption: Understanding Complexity & Best Practice Part 1 | Part 2: This 2-part series explores the intertwined history of renewable and traditional energy, present changes and challenges with green power, and recommendations to address complexity in your sourcing mix.