impressme – your brand grand: I am curious, therefore I create!

The most common, perhaps, question asked to great artists of all kinds is “Where do you draw your inspiration from?”. If we’d like to give the most common answer, we’d say “from movies, objects, books, travels, people, all things considered by life itself!

People who love passionately what they do never stop creating, energized by their curiosity for everything about life.

A painting in a museum may become a part of an advertising campaign. After all, the new term artketing came out just recently and it refers exactly to our case: big brands showing their bags or shoes on the background of a famous painting.

A phrase in a book, a chat on the bus, a line in a movie may form a strategic motto for a new creative direction.

Though today we live, get informed and communicate through the social media network, emphasizing on the image projection, the real experience of life is the one which sparkles the most interesting and mostly authentic projects.

To that fact someone could answer back: “Authenticity created by something that you steal?” The creative mind will transform the “stolen” one to something altogether new. In this way, even if it would be “stolen” in the first place, afterwards it becomes a base for the primordial inspiration.

Referring specifically to the field of advertising, for example, a copywriter writes a text, inspired by what? Is he/she constantly self-inspired by his/her own talent? He/she feels better and safer –such a bad word regarding creativity- if he/she reproduces the form of social media’s usual texts, which are becoming poorer and poorer in words, with bad spelling and no word stress, and usually full of foreign words of no content?

Of course a copywriter should speak the language of social media, but the reading of books and newspapers is the one that refreshes not only his/her knowledge about life, but also his/her writing’s content.

There has been a lot of discussion whether advertising is art. If it is not art, at least it is closely related to the art and is fed by it.

Nowadays a lot of seminars are taking place. Definitely they play significant role to the spread of the professional know-how.

But a graphic designer will get out much wealthier from a museum as if he/she is taking the most valuable raw material in his/her hands that he/she will combine it creatively in a direction related to the contemporary world field and create something totally new.