UniSystems awarded ICT consultancy services contract for ESMA, ERA and EBA


UniSystems has been awarded a services contract for the provision of onsite ICT consultancy services to the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) and the European Banking Authority (EBA).
Specifically, the contracting authorities ESMA, EBA and ERA awarded UniSystems with the first position in the cascade for a 4 years term framework contract concerning the provision of ICT consultancy services to cover the needs of the three agencies based in France. 
The maximum value of the contract is 38 million euros and the place of services provision will be primarily Paris and Valenciennes as well as UniSystems’ premises. 
UniSystems will support the business and ICT operational functions of the three contracting authorities by providing specialized business and ICT consultancy, implementation and operational support services.
Mr. Nikos Psimogiannos, International Business Unit Director of UniSystems stated: “We are honoured for the opportunity to support the ICT operations of three major European Union Agencies – ESMA, EBA (both members of the ESFS) and ERA. The criticality of their mission enforces further our commitment to exert every effort to effectively fulfil the objectives of this contract and become a successful contributor to their vision. Currently, UniSystems ICT services operations extend successfully in more than 20 Countries and in more than 50 European Union organisations. This contract award, the fact that three major agencies of the European Union entrusted us with their critical ICT operations comes as an additional important reward of our consistent client-oriented strategy and of the business and technical excellence of our people and their value creation mentality.”