Manifest supports the work of HOPEgenenis

The core of Manifest’s philosophy is the happiness and prosperity of all people. It was therefore assumed that we would support such important, sensitive and special action as that of the non-profit organization HOPEgenenis dealing with the critical issue of birth control in Greece. Its work focuses mainly on women living in remote areas or isolated islands in Greece with the aim of providing comprehensive medical care and care from the beginning of pregnancy to the day of childbirth. Failure to address the current situation will have serious long-term consequences not only for these regions but for the whole of Greece unless the current situation is reversed immediately.

In this context, HOPEgenenis welcomed its friends to the “I AM HOPE” party in November to support the organization’s goals. This special charity event was held at the Athens Olympic Swimming Pool after a special license was granted by the Greek Olympic Committee in plenary and with the support of its President, Spyros Kapralos. More than a thousand people attended the event, with representatives from the business, cultural and art scene. The event was held thanks to the support of many companies, such as Manifest, who recognize the need to support such initiatives.