THE REAL ROBOKIDS: The first documentary on educational robotics in Greece by COSMOTE

-The documentary records the triumphant course of Greek teams in the recent Educational Robotics Olympiad
-COSMOTE has supported over time educational robotics and children dreaming of a better world for all

COSMOTE presents the first documentary on educational robotics and STEM in Greece, titled “THE REAL ROBOKIDS”. The documentary, which premiered on COSMOTE’s YouTube channel, records the course of the Greek delegation in the recent Educational Robotics Olympiad in Hungary, where our country achieved a major global distinction, winning most of the medals – along with Russia.

COSMOTE was one of the first private entities to invest in the promotion of educational robotics and STEM in Greek schools, as a strategic partner of the educational organization WRO Hellas in the last six years. During that time, students’ participation in national educational robotics competitions has more than quadrupled, with total children’s participation exceeding 18,000. Now, one in five schools compete in national and international competitions.

COSMOTE’s documentary follows step-by-step the preparation of the BITBOT, JOBI TEAM, MINDERS, SMARTBIRDS, TEAMWORK OPTIMUM and YOUNGBLOODS teams and their outstanding performance in the world’s leading student robotics event. The children share their anxiety, passion, anxiousness and love for robotics, which led them to the first places of the Olympics with 4 medals and 3 awards.

The script for “THE REAL ROBOKIDS” is signed by Panos Sambrakos, while the documentary is directed by Leonidas Panonidis. The documentary will be aired again on COSMOTE TV (COSMOTE CINEMA 1HD) on Friday 24/01 at 19:30 and is also available via the COSMOTE TV PLUS service.

Further information on “THE REAL ROBOKIDS” documentary and COSMOTE’s contribution to educational robotics and STEM can be found at: