impressme – your brand grand: Ageless marketing for people without age

More and more, age is just a number, that it does not reflect one’s physical condition, the appearance and his/her way of life. It is said that we often feel 10 years younger at least than our real age. 

This feeling is not just psychological. Due to a better nutrition, the value of exercising and a general sense of good living, the age limit of life has been impressively increased and it has become commonplace that more and more 80 years old people make plans for their future.

While formerly, a person of 45 years was considered to be a middle-aged person with family and children and all there is to wait for is his/her pension or his/her first grandchild, nowadays most people in their 45’s start their life from the scratch, get educated, change their profession, make a new relationship, live their second youth with more knowledge, more boldness and a great dose of sexiness. 

Today, there are famous for their style women influencers / instagrammers who are over sixty years old, like top Lyn Slater, whose account you may follow @iconaccidental

When people exceed the barriers of their age and they reflect beauty and inner balance, marketing shouldn’t stay behind, to the standard categorizations of the past.

The target groups change their scale continuously. There are products that used to address to people aged 30-45, but now they “speak” the language of a broader consumer audience of 30-65 years old. 

The ageless marketing’s basic target is to let the age factor out of the equation, emphasizing on different human characteristics, such as:  

values in common:
  • freedom
  • beauty
  • quality
  • aesthetics
  • comfort
  • love

consumer characteristics in common:
  • those who look for the latest innovative products, buy impulsively and don’t care about the price. 
  • those who look for the latest innovative products, but purchase them after a meticulous research, and after they have covered their own basic needs. 
  • those who are sensitive ecologists, who choose brands according to their ethical strategy about the planet and the human being and remain faithful t them.  
  • those who spend with self-restraint and don’t change their habit- products.

basic concerns in common:
  • respect for the environment
  • alertness on the brand’s production conditions 
  • a main philosophy behind the brand and its messages to the consumer audience 
  • the security & quality of the brands

The ageless marketing comes as an answer to the new status of humanity, bringing the equivalent messages, addressing to ageless personalities, who start from the scratch anytime needed, preserving the vividness in their lives, regardless of the limits and any social taboo about age

Furthermore, we would say that the ageless marketing’s “cousin” is gender neutral marketing, but that is another subject, a different article, at another moment of time.