THEOCHARAKIS FOUNDATION – FOUNDATION OF FINE ARTS & MUSIC B&M THEOCHARAKI & impressme – your brand grand, a co-operation full of culture!

3,000 exhibitions, lectures and educational programs since 2007. Theocharakis Foundation – Foundation of Fine Arts & Music B&M Theocharaki speaks in numbers that add value to the culture, numbers that are growing every day offering great art and music proposals to the city!

Our opportunity to collaborate has been both an invitation and challenge for the team of impressme – your brand grand.

As part of this, not only have we designed the UI Design that improves the user-visitor΄s first encounter with the site, but we have also redesigned the entire site with a simple and elegant design. 

We have implemented the most up-to-date tools for a user friendly experience, such as the event calendar, always updated to timely inform anyone interested in the Foundation’s events. We have provided specific Brand Guidelines for the correct and consistent implementation of all brand elements to each one of the different mediums.

Our team has also created a stylish E-shop to showcase Theoharakis Foundation’ s unique creations & ideas that are for sale and can become the most precious everyday gifts of culture and art.

Our collaboration with Theocharakis Foundation – Foundation of Fine Arts & Music B&M Theocharaki inspired us to act as sponsors partly as a small sample of gratitude.

Because we have also stood in a room of Theocharakis Foundation, tuned in with a melody and dreamed of beautiful things, beautifully made, we have also stood still in front of a painting, and with our mouth open, we rediscovered the art of life.