RSM Update Alert: Latest tax measures to support Greek entrepreneurship and tackle COVID-19 pandemic

  1. Extension of reduction of professional rents and rents of employees’s main residence for April
    Ar.26 of Law 4683/2020 published on 10/04/2020 stipulates that the regulation of partial exemption (by reduction of 40%) from the obligation of paying the rent of April is extended, for the cases of professional leases of companies that have severely been affected (based on their CBA) by the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic. The same also apply to employees of these companies, provided that their contract is suspended by the company/employer.
  2. Extension of the deadline for payment of obligations of 30 & 31 March (A.1079 / 2020)
    Extension of the deadline for payment of debts to the Tax Administration, which expire on 30.03.2020 and 31.03.2020, of companies and individuals entitled to the benefit of the discount of twenty-five percent (25%) up to 21.4.2020.
  3. Extension of the deadline for the expression of interest for the Refundable Financial Assistance (A.1080 / 2020)
    According to the Gov. Decision 1080/2020 the deadline for submitting an application for expression of interest and submission of the accompanying data on the “myBusinessSupport” platform for the aid in the form of Refundable Financial Assistance is extended until 21/04 /2020.
  4. Subsidy of existing loan interests for Small and Medium Businesses Affected (based on CBA list) by the measures taken to tackle the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. (37674 / 10.4.2020)
    A subsidy is granted for the interest of existing loans to all Small and Medium Businesses, regardless of their legal form, through an electronic platform ( with an application period from 15/04/2020 to 30/06/2020.