Generation Y: Excited that were sponsors at the 9th eBusiness & Social Media Conference!

The future of e-business & social media in the post-Covid19, as presented by Generation Y at the 9th EBSMWC!

Generation Y’s representatives talked about the future of e-business & social media and how they are being formed in the post-Covid19 era, at the recent eBusiness & Social Media Conference 2020. More specifically:

• our CCO & Junior Partner, Nana Ioakimidou, showcased the business opportunities that emerged from the lockdown period. You can watch her full presentation here:

• our Coordinator of Marketing Account Managers, Natalia Lamprou, talked about new Social Media Habits in the post-Covid19 era. You can watch her full presentation here:

• our Team Leader of Production, Katerina Arnellou – Ioannidou, with our Team Leader of Research & Development, Charalampos Aristomenopoulos presented the jaw-dropping operational cost cutting through digital transformation, featuring Kimon Lefas, Co-Owner of Thermovent Hellas SA. You can watch the Thermovent SA case study here:

Article and photo source: Press Release / Newsletter