NIVEA Launches New Brand Purpose – Kick-off with Digital Film “Twins”

NIVEA Launches New Brand Purpose – Kick-off with Digital Film “Twins”

  • The real-life story of pre-mature born “Twins” celebrates the healing power of human touch
  • “Twins” is the first of a three-step brand purpose campaign in 2021
  • #CareForHumanTouch digital hub hosts all content and drives consumer engagement

NIVEA launched its new brand purpose campaign, Care for Human Touch, with the release of a powerful short film called “Twins”. The film, which will be distributed on digital channels across all markets in Europe, tells the harrowing true story of Hamburg-based twins Lilly and Madelaine. With the health benefits of skin-touch at the center of the #CareForHumanTouch purpose initiative, NIVEA is kicking off the campaign with a real-life story in order to spread awareness that human touch can be literally lifesaving.

The story at the heart of “Twins” is one of familial bonds and the healing power of skin-touch. Born 16 years ago at nine weeks early, Lilly and Madelaine were both extremely fragile. However, Madelaine’s life was in grave danger; she had a hole in her heart and could not breathe on her own. Their anguished parents stood by helplessly as doctors seemed powerless to prevent the inevitable. Then, acting on intuition, a nurse had the life-changing idea to place the twins together in the same incubator, skin on skin. Just days old, Lilly instinctively hugged her sister. The effect on Madelaine’s health was immediate, and in time she grew stronger, thanks to the comfort of her sister’s skin contact. Lilly’s touch saved Madelaine’s life.

In sharing their story, the pre-mature born twins have become an integral part of NIVEA’s mission to highlight the health benefits of human touch and encourage more togetherness. The creative decision to focus on real people and their experiences with skin-touch lends authenticity and emotion to the story, which NIVEA hopes will help inspire more human touch, within the constraints of the social distancing rules. The film was conceived and executed by communications agency Jung von Matt SAGA, and directed by Sergej Moya of Tempomedia Productions.

“Lilly’s touch literally saved her sister’s life, and the two of them remain as inseparable today as they were at birth. It’s a story that only true life can tell and is the embodiment of NIVEA’s campaign message, Care for Human Touch,” says Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, Managing Partner and CCO of Jung von Matt SAGA.

“Care for Human Touch represents our commitment to a very basic human need: being in touch with one another. We mean this in a literal way, as skin has always come first for us at NIVEA. That’s why we chose to kick off the campaign with a moving story about the health benefits of skin-touch,” says Ralph Zimmerer, Vice President Global NIVEA Brand Identity & Brand Capability. “The pandemic and the necessary social distancing rules will require us to stay distant from each other for some more time but it’s important that we remind ourselves of the importance of physical touch within our closest circle. And we can also continue to care for our human connections with those, who feel left outside or behind. Regular phone calls, video calls and reaching out through social-media are a good way to tell people: you are not alone.”

As part of the new #CareForHumanTouch purpose initiative, NIVEA will support skin-touch projects to promote the quality of life for people at risk of loneliness, such as babies born preterm, visually impaired individuals and elderly with dementia. By 2025, NIVEA will invest 20 Million Euros in skin-touch projects, which are meant to impact the individual health and well-being of more than 150,000 people. Additionally, through consumer outreach, NIVEA aims to educate 100 million consumers about the health benefits of human touch. All campaign materials and consumer engagement will be centered on a digital hub, created by the digital agency Wood, Hamburg.

To learn more about Care for Human Touch and the “Twins” film, follow #CareForHumanTouch on digital channels.

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