European Reliance – Animated promotional video for the Private Health System

European Reliance within the framework of its digital strategy, prepares a series of informative actions in the form of animated promotional videos and has created a new video to present the Private Health System.

The Company, taking into consideration the need of a constant reminder for the importance of insurance coverage and the protection of Health presents in a two minute video the Private Health System, a product offered exclusively by European Reliance. The Private Health System is a comprehensive system of benefits, which offers to the insured the ability to select the coverages of his preference.

The objective of the animated video is to strengthen the insurance awareness of consumers, promoting the statement that Health is one of the three most precious possessions, along with freedom and youth.

Furthermore, it has become obvious that the safety of the Health of citizens, lies in our own hands, and the Private Health System can cover the expenses for in-hospital and out-of-hospital treatment, medical and nursing assistance, allows the selection of the Hospital, type of room, height and type of benefits, depending on the needs and offers the ability to select the amount of the insurance premiums to be paid, depending on the benefits. 

This video is part of the series of the Company’s animated promotional videos to inform consumers, familiarize them with the concept of insurance coverage and facilitate the work of its Sales Network.

The video is available on YouTube channel of the Company. 

Article and photo source: Press Release / Newsletter