Oramique: Dare to Dream…

Dare to Dream…

By Alex Panayotou

Life without dreams is a life less lived. Many of us let fear and doubts take over and hold us back from going for our goals or our dreams. We let fear lead us down paths that are not right for us, or we let them keep us in a rut stagnating, sometimes just steps from achieving our dreams. Of course there’s risk of disappointment, risk of failure (though I don’t think not reaching your goals is a ‘failure’). 

If we set out in search of our dreams, there’s always a risk that we might lose, however, if we never set out, we’ve already lost. If we don’t manage to achieve one goal, we can always head for the next. We all have the right to dream, and we all have the right and the possibility to reach some of those dreams. We may fall, we may make mistakes, and we will surely find obstacles, but the path will help us grow stronger, wiser, happier, and richer in the people we meet along the way. 

Dare to dream, and dare to open the door and step out towards your dreams! 

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