EFRAG reports on European sustainability reporting standards

EFRAG reports on European sustainability reporting standards

The European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) has just published two reports on the development of European sustainability reporting standards. 

These reports were produced at the request of the European Commission. 

The first report, from a multistakeholder Task Force chaired by Patrick de Cambourg (President of the Autorité des normes comptables, the French Accounting Standard Setter) proposes a roadmap for the development of a comprehensive set of EU sustainability reporting standards. A separate report, from Jean-Paul Gauzès (President of EFRAG and ex-Member of the European Parliament) proposes reforms to EFRAG’s governance structure to ensure that future EU sustainability reporting standards would be developed using an inclusive and rigorous process.

A press release from the European Commission is here:

The two reports are available on the EFRAG website here: