KPMG: ‘Technology Innovation Hubs’ Survey

Despite new global workforce trends, physical hubs are here to stay.

Hybrid and remote workforce models accelerated by the COVID‑19 pandemic have advanced the perception that innovation does not rely on physical proximity or location. However, the annual KPMG survey of the global technology industry, now in its ninth year, reveals that physical workplaces and innovation hubs remain key components of technology companies’ strategy.

The 2021 Technology Innovation Hubs report focuses on the locations that are seen as leading technology innovation. It provides insights on what executives and venture capitalists should consider when selecting and investing in technology centers, seeking to acquire a company, entering a joint venture, expanding operations, building a new office or innovation center, or developing a new workforce model. 

The Survey full report as well as key findings are available in the link below.

Article Source: KPMG