MYTILINEOS: Continues to create and upgrade Emergency Departments to respond to children’s accidents

Since 2017, MYTILINEOS has been supporting the Non-profit organization “Pediatric Trauma Care”, and in particular the establishment and upgrading of Emergency Departments in the country’s Health Centers and Pediatric hospitals. The Emergency Departments are the link between pre-hospital and in-hospital care and their main purpose is to cope with severe cases in a specialized, immediate, and effective manner, as well as to stabilize any injured child that admits in the hospital.

In this context, in 2021, the Company provided necessary medical equipment for the proper functioning of the Emergency Room and the Pediatric Clinics of Tzaneio General Hospital of Piraeus and those of Kymi and Agrinio General hospitals, facilitating immediate response to any pediatric trauma. The above-mentioned Emergency Departments have already started operating and are estimated to treat annually more than 15.000 children in total.

According to the World Health Organization, 60% of children deaths are due to accidents, mainly caused by road traffic, suffocation, poisoning, burns, falls and violence, while they could have been mitigated if immediate treatment was offered in a Pediatric Hospital. It should be noted that 80% of serious injuries occurs at home, indicating the constant need to inform parents and teachers about injury issues. Thus, MYTILINEOS, seeking to ensure that parents and teachers are informed about child injuries, participates in the “Prevention of Pediatric Accidents” program by issuing and distributing specialized forms / leaflets labeled “Attention to selection of toys”, as prevention remains the most effective response to child injuries.

The Company is trying to safeguard the rights of children over time, through responsible actions, and therefore recognizes and supports the basic right of children to have direct access to basic and quality healthcare services. Since 2017, 13 Emergency Departments have been set up and have been upgraded, in the areas of Ioannina, Livadia Ithaca, Hydra, Ithaca, Katerini, Nafplion, Larissa, Florina, Amfissa, Agios Nikolaos, Kymi, Agrinio and Piraeus “Tzaneio”, providing a total of 168 special equipment and treating more than 165.600 children annually. Similarly, 70.000 brochures regarding ‘Safety at school’, ‘Safety at Home’, ‘Safety in Sports’, ‘Attention to burns’ and ‘Attention to selection of toys’ have been published and distributed, informing parents and teachers of child injuries.

The ‘Establishment & Upgrading of Emergency Departments’ program was singled out under BRAVO Sustainability Dialogue & Awards 2021 pillar, and the Company was also distinguished:

  • In ‘BRAVO In Action’ pillar, for the “We offer-smiles to Children” initiative – a 12-month Dental Prevention and Treatment program supporting dental prevention and treatment services to children of socially vulnerable groups. The application of the international methodology Social Return on Investment (SROI) showcased that the total investment generated a SROI performance indicator equal to 7,58:1 and
  • Ιn the section ‘Public-Private Partnership to support the Public Health System’, for the initiative ‘MYTILINEOS response to the COVID-19 virus pandemic’. MYTILINEOS’ consistency and high level of know-how, as well as the Company’s pioneering initiatives that aim at sustainable and social development, were also showcased at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2021, where the Company, after a demanding evaluation process and with many high-level entries, was awarded 3 distinctions, namely:
  • A GOLD award, in the ‘Climate Action’ category, for the program “Information and Awareness raising in the school community on preventing and combating forest fires, on forest protection policies and practices” enabling students and teachers to be informed by specialist scientists on the prevention of forest fires and the value of forests through the process of seed/tree planting in areas affected by fires.
  • A GOLD award, in the ‘Business & NGO Partnership’ category, for the “Tipping Point” program, enabling students regardless of geographical area, economic and social status to talk to successful professionals and get answers to questions about their future using technology through live mentoring.
  • A GOLD award, in the ‘Supply Chain’ category, for the Suppliers’ Training Program “Business Responsibility for Sustainable Development”, where MYTILINEOS enabled 40 of its main suppliers to understand CSR and Sustainable Development-related issues by adopting the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, enhancing the level of supply chain maturity.

Visit the Sustainability Actions Map to learn more about MYTILINEOS key programs and actions implemented as part of the Company’s responsible operation.

Article Source: Website Newsroom