EuroCharity launches its new, free-of-charge CSR & Sustainability Reports Service

EuroCharity’s newly-launched CSR & Sustainability Reports Service provides quick access to the latest reports as well as an archive of previously published reports on select companies

EuroCharity, Greece’s Corporate Social Responsibility Directory, having in mind:

  1. The increasing interest of EuroCharity’s readership in company-issued CSR and Sustainability reports, both in Greece and abroad;
  2. The need for an easy-to-use, operational, transparent, effective, on-line system to order CSR and Sustainability reports;
  3. Its corporate members’ wish to communicate CSR and Sustainability Reports to a targeted audience by establishing an open dialogue with all interested stakeholders;
  4. Its commitment to constantly improve its portal, Greece’s most comprehensive on-line resource and one-stop shop for all stakeholders in Greece and overseas interested in CSR, sustainability and business excellence issues, practices, programmes, reports, news, profiles, interviews and other resources,

today launched a specialised on-line application on its popular portal for ordering company-issued Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability reports.

In this special section (, anyone may download CSR and Sustainability Reports of EuroCharity’s members. In addition, EuroCharity’s users, members and Web site visitors may wish to order one or several hard copy version(s) in Greek and/or English on-line and have it/them delivered to their home or office address free of charge. EuroCharity’s CSR & Sustainabiltiy Reports Service provides EuroCharity’s users, members and visitors with quick access to the latest reports as well as an archive of previously published reports on select companies.

This unique service is provided for free to all stakeholders without the need for any login data and/or passwords. It aims at developing a systematic, effective and innovative means of communicating CSR and Sustainability reports as well as bridging the gap between EuroCharity’s corporate members and all interested stakeholders.