Sponsors the Garbage-free Nature programme, Funded by: Alpha Bank (Alpha 1 | 2 | 3) – Supported by: Mr. Helmutt Baumann

For the second consecutive year, Alpha Bank S.A. is sponsoring The Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature’s “Garbage-free Nature” programme.

Teams of volunteers work with local authorities to make public opinion in their areas more sensitive to better ways of handling litter and to combatting visual pollution.

The “Garbage-free Nature” programme is aspiring to become a nationwide campaign that will contribute to the improvement of the overall image of the natural areas throughout Greece.

Founded in 1951, the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (HSPN) is the oldest environmental NGO in Greece and operates as a non-profit society.

HSPN has been instrumental in the creation of most Greek National Parks, Ramsar wetlands and many other protected areas. It has also played a leading role in the efforts to protect endangered species.

Today, it is active along four axes:

– Environmental education
– Nature protection programmes
– Environmental intervention
– General public awareness

To carry out its mission, it relies on an extensive network of volunteers and on subscriptions and gifts of its members, grants from institutions and companies and, for certain nature-protection programmes, on governmental and European Union funding.

HSPN represents in Greece the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and the Centre Naturopa of the Council of Europe. It is also a member of important international conservation organisations, e.g. IUCN, EEB, ECNC, EUCC and others. It works closely with other Greek environmental organisations and public authorities.

For its work, the NGO has been honoured by the Academy of Athens, the Council of Europe and the Ford Foundation.

For further information on HSPN and its activities, contact:

Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature
20, Nikis Street, GR-105 57 Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 322 4944
Fax: +30 210 322 5285
E-mail: hspnhol.gr
URL: http://www.eepf.gr/EEPFpage_english.htm

Source: Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature