COSMOTE provides scholarships and distinctions throughout Greece for 6th consecutive year

COSMOTE awards scholarships and Honorary Distinctions for the 6th consecutive year
This year the company supports students from the areas destroyed by the recent fires

For the sixth consecutive year COSMOTE awarded Scholarships and Honorary Distinctions to 36 first-year students of Greek Universities, worth EUR 157,000, supporting young people throughout the Greek periphery with a special focus on students from the areas destroyed by the recent fires.

COSMOTE Scholarships for the academic year 2007-2008 were awarded during a special event attended by the Secretary for Higher Education Mr. Athanasios Kyriazis and COSMOTE Deputy CEO Mr. Michael Tsamaz together with the company's Corporate Social Responsibility Ambassador Pyrros Dimas.

The Assessment Committee awarded eleven scholars from the prefectures of Aetoloarkanania, Arcadia, Ileia, Corinthia, Laconia, Messinia, Evia, Viotia, Argolida, Rethymno and Halkidiki, receiving EUR 12,000 each. Choosing to include these regions in the programme COSMOTE supports the areas destroyed by the recent fires in August,while covering 100% of Greek periphery since the Scholarships programme launch in 2002. In addition, twenty-five honorary distinctions worth EUR 1,000 each were awarded to candidates with outstanding academic and extracurricular records.

Following the awards ceremony, COSMOTE Deputy CEO, Mr. Michael Tsamaz commented “COSMOTE Scholarships are an investment for the future, in what is possibly the most important asset of our country: young people. The sixth year of the Scholarships completes a cycle of tangible and consistent contribution to education and the entire Greek periphery”.

COSMOTE Scholarships are part of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Since their launch in 2002, the programme has “traveled” through 49 districts covering almost the entire Greek periphery granting a total of 61 Scholarships and 126 Honorary Distinctions to first-year students, worth EUR 858,000. The large number of applications each year demonstrates the popularity of this programme within Greek society, a fact which further motivates COSMOTE to continue investing in education and youth as the driving forces for a better future.

COSMOTE Scholars for the academic year 2007-2008 are:

  1. Aivaliotis Panteleimon – District of Arcadia
  2. Karragianni Polyxeni – District of Viotia
  3. Kontou Paraskevi – District of Laconia
  4. Kossyfa Maria – District of Evia
  5. Lampropoulos Tryfon-Ioannis – District of Argolida
  6. Salapa Paraskevi – District of Etoloakarnania
  7. Salla-Iliopoulou Panagiota – Distirct of Messinia
  8. Tousouli Ioanna – District of Corinthia
  9. Tsompani Theodora – District of Halkidiki
  10. Xira Eleni – District of Rethymno
  11. Zogogianni Frideriki – District of Ileia

COSMOTE Honorary Distinctions for the academic year 2007-2008 were awarded to:

  1. Antoniou Maria – Prefecture of Rethymno
  2. Apostolopoulou Maria – Prefecture of Aetoloarkanania
  3. Deli Lamprini – Prefecture of Messinia
  4. Dimogerontas Constantinos – Prefecture of Laconia
  5. Exarhou Eleni – Prefecture of Arcadia
  6. Fanaras Panagiotis – Prefecture of Evia
  7. Gazouli Ioanna – Prefecture of Messinia
  8. Geroulis Constantinos – Prefecture of Aetoloarkanania
  9. Giannakouras Constantinos – Prefecture of Laconia
  10. Kandalepa Nikoletta – Prefecture of Arcadia
  11. Kavvoura Georgia – Prefecture of Arcadia
  12. Kontopoulou Vassiliki – Prefecture of Messinia
  13. Kouros Nikolaos – Prefecture of Argolida
  14. Masaoutis Christos – Prefecture of Laconia
  15. Nikolakopoulou Eystathia – Prefecture of Ileia
  16. Pavlaki Koralia – Prefecture of Evia
  17. Pefkou Maria – Prefecture of Halkidiki
  18. Petrou Vassiliki – Prefecture of Corinthia
  19. Raptis Dimitrios – Prefecture of Evia
  20. Retsinas Georgios – Prefecture of Laconia
  21. Roumpanis Dimitrios – Prefecture of Ileia
  22. Siahou Vassiliki – Prefecture of Messinia
  23. Stavropoulou Chrysi – Prefecture of Ileia
  24. Theodosiou Leonidas-Stathis – Prefecture of Viotia
  25. Xeroudaki Maria – Prefecture of Rethymno

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