With the 'participation' of COSMOTE and Pyrros Dimas, 'Open Arms' visits the villages of Thrace's highlands

With the 'participation' of COSMOTE and Pyrros Dimas, 'Open Arms' visits the villages of Thrace's highlands


This year's campaigns of preventive medicine for the Greek peripherybegan with the highlands of Thrace as their destination. These campaigns are implemented by the voluntary group, Association of Social Pediatrics' Friends 'Open Arms'. The effort is actively supported for yet another year by COSMOTE, sponsor of the 'We Support Life' programme for seven consecutive years, with Olympic Weightlifting Champion Pyrros Dimas on the side of the company in support of its efforts.

COSMOTE, with the valuable participation of our Pyrros, followed the voluntary carrier?s exhibition to the remote villages in the municipalities of Rodopi and Xanthi and, specifically, in the villages Kentavros and Sminthi, to which they offered free preventive medicine tests to all the population (adults and children), valuable information on health and prevention issues as well as entertainment programs for the children in these regions.

The 'Open Arms' campaign will cover next the North-East Aegean, South-West Cyclades and Dodecanese islands.

COSMOTE's contribution to the activities carried out by the voluntary carrier shows the factual interest of the company in the area of health and social welfare, children welfare and the strengthening of the Greek periphery. Through its 'Participation' Corporate Social Responsibility programme, COSMOTE has for the past seven years assisted in the implementation of 24 campaigns in the Greek periphery.

More specifically, in 2005 and from March until November, six campaigns were realised in remote regions of our country with COSMOTE?s assistance. The response of the inhabitants has been overwhelming:

  • over 13,600 medical actions were carried out (30% more than 2004) out of which 2,179 addressed children;
  • 1,200 blood tests were made, while 300 children coming from Drosero, Xanthi were vaccinated against Meningitis C.

Moreover in 2005, COSMOTE supported for one more year the initiative of Open Arms to offer new medical devises to the University Clinic of the 'Hippokration' General Hospital of Thessaloniki as well as to the Hearing Clinic of the 'Pan. and Aglaia Kyriakou' Children's Hospital in Athens, actively participating in the effort aiming at the improvement of our country's hospital conditions. Furthermore, during 2005 COSMOTE contributed in the creation of playgrounds in the remote islands of Psara and Fourni.