EuroCharity supports global conference in Thessaloniki entitled ‘We want safer children on-line’

EuroCharity pro-actively supported and participated in the 2006 Global Conference, which was held in Thessaloniki, September 21-22, 2006 and focused on the theme “We want safer children on-line,” which focused on important issues such as safer Internet for children, children’s on-line exploitation and on-line safety.

Sponsored by Vodafone, the two-day forum was organised within the framework of the activities of SafeNetHome, the national Awareness Node for SaferInternet in Greece.

The 2006 Conference featured workshop sessions and plenary presentations. Panellists were drawn from a variety of fields, including international relations, science and technology studies, sociology, and international law.

The main objectives of the Conference were:

  • To provide a forum for presentations on issues within society, law enforcement and technology
  • To provide an opportunity for the professional development and networking of attendees through the exchange of best practises and expertise
  • To encourage education, training, research, discussion and debate
  • To liaise and establish national and international affiliations

This Conference was designed to address the needs of all levels of online safety for children. Due to the broad scope of the subject matter, the program addressed numerous phases, needs and aspects of a global issue with local presence and therefore provided immense benefits to:

  • International NGOs
  • Law Enforcement Teams
  • Leading industry partners in on-line technology
  • Lawyers
  • Psychologists
  • Educators
  • Representatives from respective government bodies
  • All organisations and actors involved in Internet safety issues

English-language presentation delivered by Mr. Peter Michel Heilmann, President, EuroCharity (File: PDF, Size: 60 KB)