COSMOTE's 'Join us in sports' Ergometric Programme presents scientific findings on children?s physical abilities and dietary habits

  • An integrated view of the athletic abilities and dietary habits of young people, based on a sample of 4.783 children, 9-16 years old in 20 municipalities of Attica
  • The programme successfully continues in 2008 with 10 more municipalities
At today's press conference, COSMOTE presented the results of the ergometric tests that were carried out in 2006-2007, and announced the municipalities that the “Join us in sports” Ergometric Programme will visit in 2008. This pioneering programme is a COSMOTE initiative launched for the first time in Greece in November 2006. It is organised by EF ZIN with the support of the mobile operator and the scientific support of the Ergophysiology – Ergometrics Laboratory of the Department of Physical Education & Sports Science of the University of Athens.

The programme is aiming to help children and teenagers find the most suitable sport for them and, more importantly, make exercise part of their everyday life. From November 2006 to March 2007, the programme visited 20 municipalities of Attica, giving 4,783 children the opportunity to discover their athletic abilities.

Participants received a personal report with ergometric assessment results, describing their physical ability levels, based on Greek and international standards for specific ages, directing them to select the most suitable sport for them. Participants are also given information about their dietary habits and are encouraged to adopt healthy eating patterns. It is the first time in Greece that physical condition data of this age group (9-16 year olds) is collected through the use of advanced technological devices and strict scientific methods. The programme is currently evaluating a large representative sample, which will depict a valid and reliable picture of the physical condition of youngsters for the first time in the country. Findings include among others:
  • Football and basketball are the most popular sports among boys, with 70% of participants engaged in them, while 10% is engaged in swimming.
  • Among girls, rates are spread between volleyball (~17%), swimming (~16%), basketball (~12%), track athletics (~12%) and dance (~11%).
  • A significant percentage of children (30%) is involved in sports requiring different levels of physical abilities than their own.
  • A significant percentage of children (20%) eats out 2-3 times per week.
  • A significant percentage of children (20-30%) does not have breakfast and consumes sweets and soft drinks on a daily basis.
During the programme's next phase in 2008, an additional 10 municipalities of Attica will host the ergometric mobile unit.

Joining the company since the launch of this successful initiative, is Greek weightlifting Olympic Champion and COSMOTE Corporate Social Responsibility Ambassador, Mr. Pyrros Dimas, who stated: “Through my personal experience, I realise that this initiative is extremely important because it will enable even more youngsters to either find the most suitable sport for them, enforce their relationship with sports or start a new relationship with sports”.

On the occasion of the programme findings announcement, Mrs. Marilena Fatsea, COSMOTE Corporate Affairs Director, stated: “Through the 'Join us in sports' programme we support children and teenagers and give them the opportunity to form a balanced personality through sports activity”

The Ergometric Programme is an Education initiative as part of COSMOTE's Corporate Social Responsibility in the area of Community involvement.

What is the Ergometric Programme?

Ergometrics tests are being carried out in a specially designed mobile unit with advanced equipment by the University of Athens scientific personnel (ergophysiologists, PE instructors, dieticians). The programme includes speed, stamina, strength, lower limb sprinting, upper body strength and flexibility measurements along with bodymetrics specifications. Measurements assess children's physical condition, examine their dietary habits and form a complete overview of the youngsters' athletic skills and potential, according to the individual characteristics of each participant.

Application for participation: +30 210 99 44 544 (weekdays from 10:00 to 14:00).

Priority will be given to applications as they arrive.







February 20-21, 2008


Municipal Stadium of Keratsini


February 25-26, 2008


Indoor Hall  “Olympic Champion
Ν. Grammatikos'


February 28, 29, 2008


Indoor Track and Field Hall – Viza Stadium

Νea Ionia

March 3-5, 2008


Municipal Indoor Hall of Ν. Ιonia


March 6-7, 2008


Hall Indoor Hall “Κ. Arvanitis”


March 11-13, 2008


Municipal Indoor Hall of Αharnon
'Babis Holidis'




March 17-18, 2008


Αthletic Centre “N. Perkizas”




March 20-21, 2008


Kallithea Indoor Hall


March 26-28, 2008


Municipal Indoor Hall
“Οlympic Champion Η. Αgourakis”


March 31 &
April 1-3, 2008


Mets Indoor Hall

April 7-10, 2008


Strefi Indoor Hall

April 14-17, 2008


Grava Indoor Hall –
“Ant. Tritsis”

May 5-8, 2008


Goudi Indoor Hall

May 12-14, 2008


Outdoor Sport Facilities –
“Atlas” at Sepolia