The Athens Summit 2008: Global Climate & Energy Security’: The ‘Marshall Plan’ to save the environment

The Greek Minister for Development, Mr. Christos Folias, has extended an invitation to his counterparts from 61 countries in Europe, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the greater Black Sea Region to join him today, May 7, 2008, in order to discuss and eventually sign a letter of intent. Specifically, he called for an international “Marshall Plan” for the environment that will include specific deadlines, targets and initiatives on a regional, European and global basis.

The letter of intent, which according to the Minister will be discussed at length before its finalisation, will aim to develop and foster a closer, deeper and more effective cooperation between the European Union and its close neighbours, regarding the attainment of reciprocal energy security and the joint combat against climate change. Despite the fact that 23 international delegations will participate in the debating phase of the Declaration at Ministerial, Deputy Ministerial and Ambassadorial levels, the quantity and quality of the proposed amendments have generated a signing process, which will extend beyond the end of the Summit.

The finalised text of the Declaration, along with the proposed amendments, will be copied to all of the invited countries, for their final approval. Minister Folias will make a major policy address in the beginning of the Ministerial Forum. A number of Ministers from a several nations will also make short statements, commenting on the proposed Declaration.

Source: The Athens Summit 2008 news