Alpha Bank: Sponsors 1st Panhellenic Pupils’ Conference

The 1st Panhellenic Pupils’ Conference, titled “Reduce Garbage ? Save Nature!” took place on Saturday 25 November 2006, in the Galaxy Room of the Athens Hilton. The Conference, organised by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (HSPN) and placed under the auspices of the Greek Ministry for Education and Religious Affairs, was exclusively sponsored by ALPHA BANK.

A total of 214 boys and girls from 24 schools of all grades (Nursery, Elementary, Lower and Upper Secondary Schools) from all over the country, together with educators accompanying them, participated in the activities of the Conference. The pupils took the lead in the Conference, forming three Boards which coordinated activities.

The Conference themes are the following:

  • Reduction, re-use and recycling of waste.
  • Protection and showcasing of natural environments.
  • Preservation of clean environment.
  • Sensitization of society and collaboration with Local Government.

A total of 12 presentations were made, and six posters were put on display.

The titles of the presentations were the following:

  • “The Recyduckling travels to Ios”, by the Valetio Lower Secondary School of Ios (Cyclades).
  • “Waste Management ? Nothing must be thrown away”, by the Hellenic College of Thessaloniki.
  • “Tell it in a song”, by the Kavala Music School.
  • “Who’s going to bother?”, by the 1st Lower Secondary School of Rethymno (Crete).
  • “Litter”, by the Hiliomodi Elementary School (Korinthia).
  • “Urban Waste Management ? Impact on the Saronikos Gulf”, by the Lower Secondary School of the Athens College.
  • “Waste Management ? Nothing must be thrown away”, by the Elementary School of Argos, in Kalymnos (Dodecanese).
  • “ – I participate in recylcing”, by the Lower Secondary School of Gargaliani (Messinia).
  • “Throw nothing away”, by the Kalamata Music School (Messinia).

Also present was the 3rd Elementary School of Lykavittos from Nicosia, whose pupils travelled from Cyprus to participate in the Conference and delivered their presentation with the title “Protection and showcasing of the Pedieos River”.

Among the presentations that drew special attention were the happening “Cooking without garbage” by the 5th Nursery School of Keratsini (Attica), and the happening “Where do you come from, little garbage?” by the 1st Nursery School of Melissia (Attica), both of which won the applause of the Conference’s participants.

Conference activities culminated in a resolution on the reduction and proper management of waste. The resolution was the result of the activities of the working groups, which worked in parallel to the other Conference activities.