The Economist's 2004 International Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility was held in Athens with great success

The Economist's International Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility entitled “Anchoring a Profitable and Sustainable Future” took place with great success. GENESIS Pharma S.A., one of the fastest growing bio-pharmaceutical companies in Greece, was the official sponsor of the Forum. The forum was organised by The Economist Conferences in association with the Federation of Greek Industries (F.G.I.) and with the support of the Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility.

In his speech, Mr. Costas Evripides, CEO, GENESIS Pharma, made a special reference to the challenges that the pharmaceutical sector is confronting in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as GENESIS Pharma's active role through significant initiatives in protecting patients with chronic diseases, children with special needs and cultural activities.

More specifically, Mr. Evripides stated: “At GENESIS Pharma, we believe it is our duty to support all those in need and it is our responsibility to respect the consumers, the employees and the environment. For us, Corporate Social Responsibility means more than an astute business practice; it is an extension of human need to make a meaningful contribution and an indication of civilisation in modern society.”

GENESIS Pharma was incorporated in 1997, with the vision to substantially contribute to the treatment of life- threatening diseases. The company focuses on marketing, sales and distribution of specialised products emerging from biotechnology research for rare and chronic diseases. In reinforcing its role in the market, GENESIS Pharma has accomplished strategic alliances with top biopharmaceutical companies and has developed a strong regional presence in Greece and South-East Europe. Today, the company represents top American and European companies of cellular and molecular technology such as Amgen, Biogen Idec, Chiron, Cephalon and Shire.