Attica Tollway offers 2,300 free tickets for children’s play on road safety

Peania, May 18, 2012

Attica Tollway and the Operation Company Attikes Diadromes offer 1,150 free tickets (each ticket for two persons) and give the opportunity to 2,300 people to enjoy an entertaining educational children’s play on road safety.

The play is entitled “Little Atticus, the Pay-No-Attention Girl and the magic mirror” written by Irene Koutsafti, on stage at the “Eleftheri Ekfrasi (Free Expression)” theater and addressed to children from 3 to 12 years old. The tickets will be offered to the Attica Tollway users following a draw. The winners of the draw will be offered each an invitation for two persons to attend with their child the play, giving the future drivers the chance to experience road safety as a game through a show in which children become actors, take the stage and have fun while they learn the rules of road safety. This is the 3rd sequel of the play which is on stage for four consecutive years now at the “Eleftheri Ekfrasi” theater, at the production of Attica Tollway, with huge success since more than 35,500 children have seen it so far.

Director: Mary Igglessi. Starring: Mary Igglessi, Giannis Tsiomou, Tzeni Economou, Konstantinos Vassilopoulos, Alexandra Himona.

Information and instructions for participation in the draw will be given through leaflets which will be distributed at the toll stations of Attica Tollway from May 20 to 25, 2012. More information can be also found at the company’s website  Moreover, invitations will be offered through radio stations of Athens following draw.

This action is part of the overall effort of Attica Tollway and operation company Attikes Diadromes to contribute to the education of primary school children on road safety. At the same time Attica Tollway and Attikes Diadromes in cooperation with the popular magazine for teenagers “Sporty” have created the “safemania club” which has approximately 1,000 members and through exciting events, prizes and competitions conveys to the children and teenagers the messages of road safety.

The creation of conscience on road safety to the public as well as to special groups such as motorcyclists, children and teenagers constitutes for Attica Tollway an object of strategic planning, implemented through actions which are very well received.