AMERICAN COLLEGE OF GREECE: Supports the Women In Tech Summit

Product-Led Growth Hub, the leading SaaS academy and career acceleration platform presents its first digital summit for career development.

On May 31, the Women in Tech Summit – dedicated exclusively to the career development of young female graduates and executives – will welcome attendees from across the globe who want to learn how to start and develop their careers in the tech arena. The registration is free of charge to all attendees.

If you want to connect with renowned executives, network with tech recruiters, and find your next job opportunity, this conference is a must-attend!

More specifically, the topics of the summit concern:

  • – Challenges – and opportunities – faced by women upon entering the labor market – and in particular, the tech field
  • – Practices to improve their career path and personal brand
  • – How to strengthen the corporate culture on issues related to diversity & inclusion
  • – Key questions and practices regarding work-life balance and mental health

Networking and job opportunities:

Participants will network with 25+ thought leaders, fellow attendees, and tech recruiters during the conference.

Do you find all of the above interesting? Then book your ticket now entirely for free and discover the conference agenda, new jobs and much more!