COSMOTE: Significant increase in mobile & fixed data traffic

  • Total mobile data traffic at 3.7 PB – traffic was almost doubled via 4G/4G+ 
  • Total fixed data traffic at 53 PB, +74% traffic via the new optic fiber networks
COSMOTE mobile and fixed telephony networks have recorded significant increase in data traffic during the holidays, as subscribers have chosen to exchange Easter wishes and share their festive moments via Internet and social media. 

The overall data traffic in COSMOTE mobile network reached 3.7 petabytes1 for the Easter period including May First, recording a 42% increase in comparison to the last year, while the mobile data traffic via 4G/4G+ has almost doubled (3.1 petabyte). According to records, the island regions had the largest increase in mobile data usage. In particular, Samos (+900%), Cyclades (+300%), Crete (+240% in Lasithi, +180% in Heraklion, +110% in Chania), Corfu (+160%) and Sporades (+130%). Moreover, a significant increase was also recorded in Peloponnese and particularly in Ilia (600%), Achaia (400%) and Messenia (200%) regions. 

For yet another year, Instagram was the most popular social medium, reaching 29% of the overall data traffic, followed by YouTube at 26%, Facebook at 19% and web browsing at 10%. According to roaming data, foreign visitors were increased in comparison to 2018, while the majority came from Germany and United Kingdom, followed by Italy and France.

Regarding fixed telephony, data traffic has reached 53 petabytes, increased by 36% in comparison to the last year. Moreover, data traffic recorded an impressive 74% increase through the new fiber optic networks – VDSL and Vectoring, compared to 2018. The largest increase in data usage via fixed networks has been recorded in Imathia, Grevena, Cyclades, Chalkidiki and Corfu. 

COSMOTE networks’ coverage and quality “soared” data traffic 

OTE Group is constantly upgrading its networks through continuous investments in new generation infrastructures. The Group aims to offer users high quality services and unsurpassed experience in fixed and mobile Internet.

Thanks to OTE Group’s investments in fiber optic networks, more than 3 million households and businesses have access to ultra-high Internet speeds, reaching up to 200Mbps. Additionally, until end 2019, the coverage of the FTTH (Fiber To The Home) network will include nearly 150,000 households and businesses in Attica, Thessaloniki and other large urban centers, while, it is expected to reach 1 million households, until 2022.

At the same time, COSMOTE mobile network is the largest 4G and 4G+ network in Greece, with population coverage  at 98% and 95% respectively, while sea 4G coverage exceeds 97%. In order to enable its customers with even higher mobile Internet speeds, over the past two years, COSMOTE has increased the average Internet access speed by 46% and the network capacity by 40%. 

For the fifth consecutive year, COSMOTE network has received the “Best in Test” certification for data and voice services by P3 Communications, an internationally recognized firm in Network Measurements & Testing. Moreover, COSMOTE has been awarded as Greece’s fastest Mobile Internet by the independent Ookla  company.

1 petabyte=1,000 terabytes
2 Population coverage regards Outdoor Population Coverage 
3 COSMOTE was the winner of “Greece’s Fastest Mobile Network 2018” award in the “SpeedTest Awards” by the independent Ookla company, an internationally recognised and specialised company in Internet measurements and performance.