Collaboration among COSMOTE and Microsoft for the provision of integrated cloud services in businesses

In the context of the strategic collaboration of Deutsche Telekom Group with Microsoft in Central & Eastern Europe

COSMOTE and Microsoft are joining forces to provide large businesses & small and medium-sized enterprises with high quality standardized cloud solutions regarding the Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and Office 365. Via its integrated services, COSMOTE’s goal is to boost the adoption of cloud technologies and thus, become the accelerator for businesses’ transition to the digital era.
The cloud solutions provided by COSMOTE in collaboration with Microsoft offer businesses great flexibility; enabling also, up to 50% reduction of IT operational costs compared to traditional solutions, which include equipment & software purchase, as well as, installation & operational costs at customer’s premises. In the context of the service’s provision, COSMOTE evaluates and maps the ongoing procedures and IT needs of businesses, thus, ensuring a smooth transition to cloud. Moreover, it enables businesses to enhance Microsoft solutions with integrated safety services by COSMOTE.
The cloud solutions provided by COSMOTE and Microsoft are the result of the strategic collaboration that was announced by Deutsche Telekom Group and Microsoft, for the launch of cloud technology in Central and Eastern Europe.
Chief Commercial Officer Business Segment of OTE Group, Mr Grigoris Christopoulos noted: “The integrated cloud solutions offered by COSMOTE and Microsoft, the emphasis given by both companies to high quality but also, the know-how of Deutsche Telekom Group, can guarantee the transition of businesses to the new digital era. Via the provision of quality solutions that address the needs for cloud and telecommunications, COSMOTE is a partner of choice for modern businesses”.
The Commercial & Partners Director of Microsoft for Greece, Cyprus and Malta, Mr Christodoulos Papafotis stated: “True to our vision of supporting every organization to achieve more in the digital era, we collaborate with OTE Group to provide integrated solutions in order to address Greek businesses’ needs for cloud and telecommunications. This collaboration joins the COSMOTE solutions with the know-how and innovation of both Microsoft and Deutsche Telekom and we believe that it will not only enhance but also, accelerate Greek businesses’ digital transformation. At the same time, we aim to facilitate the adoption of new technologies by developing competitive advantages for businesses, not only in Greek but also, in European markets”.