COSMOTE: wireless data transmission rate topping 100Gbps

  • Pilot implementation of innovative technology in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom & Ericsson
  • 10 times greater speeds than current commercial solutions – able to support advanced 5G services of the future
COSMOTE is one of the first in the world to achieve a landmark data transmission rate by topping 100 Gbps in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson in a pilot microwave link, ten times greater throughput than current commercial solutions. This is an important technological breakthrough in wireless data transmission from end-to-end network and responds to the challenge of reaching the very high speeds required for the transition to 5th generation networks. In this way, advanced applications such as remote control of devices and vehicles, cloud gaming, 360° video streaming, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality etc. could be supported in the future on a 5G network.

The microwave link achieved was 1.5 km long and interconnected the OTE Headquarters in Maroussi, with OTE Group’s New Technologies Laboratories allowing the transmission of data at speeds of up to 140Gbps. Achieving these speeds will allow for the provision of ultra-fast Internet speeds everywhere, even in the most remote areas where fiber optic network installation may not be possible.

OTE Group Executive Director Network Planning & Devops, Mr George Tsonis stated: “With this pilot project, COSMOTE proves once again that it is at the edge of innovation. Revolutionary ultra-high-speed wireless data transmission technologies, such as the one we tested in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson, will be able to support the complex 5G network architecture which is the future of telecommunications. As the country’s largest technology company, we invest in the development of advanced technology infrastructure, which will address the future needs of our customers. Through technology, we create a better world, for all “.

“We are proud to have achieved such an amazing world breakthrough in cooperation with COSMOTE and Deutsche Telekom. We are committed to supporting COSMOTE with innovative technologies which will simplify the Greek society of the future”, added Mr. George Pappas, Head of Ericsson in Greece.

Technical Details

The pilot microwave link was achieved by combining multiple innovative wireless technologies to deliver spectral performance that reached 55.2bps /Hz for the first time. Such were multi-input / output 8×8 line-of-sight (MIMO) technology with cross polarization at 70/80 GHz and high bandwidth allocation of ~ 2000MHz.