Beiersdorf launches new face care brand “CHAUL” in South Korea

Beiersdorf launches new face care brand “CHAUL” in South Korea
  • Product range has been developed exclusively for the Asian market
  • Face care products are based on fermented tea from South Korea
  • Beiersdorf’s innovation hub NIVEA Accelerator (NX) speeds up consumer relevant innovation

It is Beiersdorf’s first brand to be developed exclusively for the Asian market: With “CHAUL”, the skin care company is introducing a new type of facial care range in the premium segment. The product range based on fermented tea will initially be available in South Korea. If successful in that market, the plan is to expand “CHAUL” regionally step by step. The focus here will be on China, Asia’s largest country market. NX Accelerator, Beiersdorf’s innovation hub based in Seoul and operating in Asia, is leading the market launch of the fermented tea-based products.  

“The Korean market is playing a pioneering role in Asia when it comes to developing innovative beauty products and digital technologies,” explains Stefan De Loecker, CEO of Beiersdorf AG. “With the face care brand ‘CHAUL’, we are launching a product range that was exclusively developed for the consumer needs of the Asian market by our Korean team.”

Treat for the face
The brand name itself is inspired by “Cha”, the Korean word for tea, because fermented tea is the defining ingredient in the three new “CHAUL” products. It comes from the traditional Hadong growing region in the south of the country, known for its wild tea fields. In the hilly landscape the tea leaves undergo a natural fermentation process under the influence of air, wind and sunlight. The face care range includes the “Early Ritual Water Essence”, the “Early Ritual Ampoule”, and the “Early Ritual Cream”. All three products counteract wrinkle formation and support an even complexion. The “CHAUL” trio is accompanied by the brand claim: “Own Your Moment. Own Your Beauty.”

New brand benefits from close collaboration with NX start-ups
South Korea is one of the world’s most competitive markets in skin care. If you want to survive here, you have to continuously set your own impulses. “With our ‘CHAUL’ products, we specifically address the needs of consumers in the region,” says Endrik Hasemann, General Manager of Beiersdorf Korea and NX Co-Founder. At the same time, Beiersdorf has its own local platform and thus the best conditions for successfully marketing the new face care range. The NX Accelerator team is managing the launch of ‘CHAUL’ from the South Korean capital as an in-house start-up. The new brand is also benefiting from synergy effects resulting from collaboration with other start-ups from the NX network – for example, with regard to relevant e-commerce channels. “Throughout all project phases, we have involved the NX start-ups extensively in the development process,” reports Endrik Hasemann. “Starting with consumer studies, through packaging design and digital marketing, to our D2C business model. In less than ten months, the ‘CHAUL’ team was thus able to bring the product to market readiness.”

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