New COSMOTE TV: One year of operation for the leading Greek streaming service

New COSMOTE TV: One year of operation for the leading Greek streaming service 

Over 240,000 households

Personalized recommendations from live & on-demand content 

Improved features & capabilities throughout 2021 and a new Android TV Box with Android TV 10 operating system

The New COSMOTE TV has completed its first year of operation. With over 240,000 households having access to it, it is currently the leading Greek streaming service. In 2021, the service – available via Android TV Boxes, Smart TVs, PCs and portable devices – will be enhanced with new features. A new Android TV Box is already available, offering improved capabilities.

“We are proud that, in just one year, the New COSMOTE TV has gained the trust of the Greek TV audience, attracting over 240,000 households. We are constantly upgrading our new streaming service with new features and capabilities, always pursuing to improve content discovery and engagement, while enhancing the experience for our viewers,” stated Dimitris Michalakis, Executive Director COSMOTE TV. 

In 2021, the New COSMOTE TV’s 4K content will include movies in the ‘Movies Club’ on-demand service. Voice search and upgrading of the search engine will make it even easier for users to find content. Additionally, the casting feature (enabling you to mirror your portable device to a TV ), which is already available on Android tablets & smartphones, will be extended to iPhones & iPads.

COSMOTE TV is the first in Europe to launch the latest version of the Android TV 10 operating system, through its new Android TV Box, featuring a powerful processor, supporting HDR 4K@60fps – the viewing experience will be improved even further. Easy connection via WiFi makes it simple to install, and 16GB of storage enables installation of a large number of applications.

The New COSMOTE TV has changed the pay-TV landscape. It is the first streaming service in Greece that combines live channel programming with on-demand content in a personalised viewing experience, with the menu adapting dynamically to each user’s interests with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). This enables subscribers to quickly and easily find the content that best matches their preferences.

Personalized viewing recommendations are drawn from COSMOTE TV’s premium content in all programming categories (movies, series, sports, documentaries, children’s shows), which includes over 70 channels, 16 of which are COSMOTE TV branded channels (SPORT, CINEMA & HISTORY) and on-demand catalogues, such as COSMOTE TV PLUS, which boasts over 750 movies, 175 series, 280 series seasons, and over 1,300 documentaries, including stand-alone documentaries and episodes of documentary series. These include original COSMOTE TV productions in films, series and documentaries, as well as movies and series from major Hollywood studios and distributors in Greece and abroad. 

The New COSMOTE TV offers a seamless viewing experience on all screens, since its interface adjusts to all devices. The service is available on: 

televisions, through easy installation of a Wi-Fi Android TV Box, without antennas or wires
portable devices (tablets, smartphones) 
PCs, Laptops, Mac 
Smart TVs, on Samsung and LG models, and Android TV 8 or newer   

Article and photo source: Press Release / Newsletter