GENERATION Y: “Choose Your Perspective!”

The campaign of Generation Y created to mark the company’s growth with 100 new job openings straight to 2021 and calling us to choose the perspective that will glorify our future.

In the current unexpected international context of COVID-19, Generation Y – International eBusiness Hub has chosen a perspective of optimism, help, care, and development.

When everyone and everything shouted, “stand still and wait”, Generation Y continued to move safely, supporting its partners in need, strengthening their digital channels but also creating new products for them, offering new revenue sources to the affected companies, with the result of giving a great boost to the Greek economy and hope to the Greek society.

The Greek multinational company chose adaptability instead of business depression. Gratitude instead of anger. Re-creation instead of resignation. Innovation instead of maintenance. Growth instead of stagnation.

In this context, with core message “Choose Your Perspective”, Generation Y created an inspiring campaign aiming to highlight its philosophy and values, inviting audience of all genders, nationalities, ages, and different fields, to choose the right perspective of all those who make up their individual and professional present, laying the foundations that will glorify their future.

Addressing his own message for the campaign, the Co-Founder & CEO of Generation Y, Mr. Anastasios Spanidis stated: “In its 21 years of operation, and in the midst of all kinds of conjunctures and unbalanced factors, Generation Y is constantly growing through the development and the collective knowledge of its people. Our choice of perspective is obvious and self-evident. We respond to change with adaptability, to crisis with creativity, to insecurity with results, to denial with genuine interest.

We choose everything that will lead us to the future successfully and I am excited that through our “Choose Υour Perspective” campaign, we will be able to strengthen our team, with brains that share our value system and by investing in the personal growth of everyone separately, we will co-create a… bright future for all of us!”

Thus, as part of its broader corporate growth and supply strategy for 2021, Generation Y is further developing its human resources, not only by covering existing jobs but also by creating new ones for its 9 business units, reaching a total of 100 new professionals.

You can watch the main video of Generation Y’s campaign and get inspired for which point of view you will choose by clicking here.

Article and photo source: Press Release / Newsletter