ENEL: The historic “Thysias” bike race at Kalavryta: energy in every sense

A sustainable growth approach is guiding our way of doing business through every project phase. At Enel Green Power we create shared value around our plants and integrate the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our business strategy. We invest heavily in supporting Good Health and Well-being (SDG 3) and Quality Education (SDG 4). The 43rd edition of the historic “Thysias” cycling race, whose route passed near our 18,9MW “Lithos” wind farm, is another initiative that empowers our commitment to these Goals.

The wind bike race

The Mountain Bike Race which we supported along with its organizers – the Cycling Association of Patras and the local Authorities – took place from May 28 to 30in the Kalavryta area. This year the three-day initiative was more than a race: it was also a historic-cultural event as 2021 marks the 200th anniversary of Greek independence. The Race, which is part of the national championship, consists of individual time trials, men’s classification and the “Gran-Fondo Thisias.” More than 350 cyclists between the ages of 17 and 66 took part in the Race, which covered a total distance of 236 km.

The “Gran-Fondo Thisias” is a well-known cycle route that starts in the city of Patras and ends in the historic town of Kalavryta, and which offers an adventurous experience with scenic landscapes. For the official start of the Gran-Fondo Thisias, Enel Green Power’s specialized engineers spoke to 45 pupils at the local primary school in order to implement our “Energy on the Go” educational program. At the same time, the kids took part in the “Good Biking Behavior” workshop we organized in cooperation with Efthymios Tzovolos, an experienced local bike coach who presented some techniques for protecting ourselves on the road, starting with safe bicycle use.

“The cooperation with Enel Green Power is special for us, since we have common goals. EGP is producing energy from renewables and protects the environment, thereby avoiding coal usage. As the Patras Cycling Association, we are using the bicycle as the main form of transport, and we are protecting the environment by reducing pollution from conventional vehicles.”
Diamantopoulos Vassilios, President of the Hellenic Cycling Association and General Secretary of the Patras Cycling Club

Value for the local community

A high level of attention is devoted to the local communities that host our power plants. We are part of the landscape and an essential element in people’s lives, businesses and society. One of our goals is to improve the wellbeing of local communities by contributing to the economic and social development of the areas and by protecting the environment. Thanks to this sports initiative, more attention was focused on the area and its natural beauty, and there were more tourists during this period.

The well-known town of Kalavryta was also promoted for its own peculiarities, while the local community came closer to our wind farms and learnt more about renewable energy. In addition to the workshop on personal safety in cycling, we also implemented our “Energy on the Go” educational program which teaches kids about Renewable Energy Resources (RES), sustainability, the circular economy and innovation. This initiative is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program and has been in operation since 2014, following the approval of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

“Sustainability is the driving force of Enel Green Power business model and its activities. We contribute to tackling climate change at world level not only through Renewable Energy Projects, but also through Creating Shared Value both for the environment and for the local communities in the areas where the company operates. By supporting the Thysias cycling race we increased area’s visibility, enriched Kalavrita’s touristic identity and promoted the town as an interesting destination, while we brought the local community closer to our wind farms and to Renewables.”
Chryssa Giannopoulou, Sustainability Manager, Enel Green Power Greece

Through the “Creating Shared Value” model we guarantee added value to our business, while at the same time we create even greater value for society and the planet. Investing in sustainable projects has a positive impact for the company in terms of society, governments, shareholders, financial institutions and employees.

Article Source: Website Newsroom