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Novartis Hellas S.A.C.I., a company of the Novartis AG Group, has been active in Greece for more than 20 years. The Novartis Hellas legal entity includes the Pharmaceuticals, Oncology and Sandoz divisions with a capacity of approximately 430 people. The company is headquartered in Metamorfosi Attica, with offices also in Thessaloniki and Marousi (Sandoz).

Νovartis Pharmaceuticals και Novartis Oncology (Innovative Medicines): 
Νovartis Pharmaceuticals και Novartis Oncology focus on patented innovative medicines in the fields of cardiovascular system and metabolism, immunology, dermatology and hepatology, central nervous system, respiratory system, ophthalmology, oncology and hematology for better outcomes for patients.
Sandoz Greece: 
It is a leader in the fast growing industry of generic and biomedical formulas, allowing people from all over the world access to high quality medicines.
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For Novartis, Corporate Responsibility (CR) is inextricably linked to our business strategy. For us, it is our belief that sustainability and responsibility are essential to our long-term business success. On this journey we have the support of our people, our driving force, at the same time with the commitment and involvement of senior executives. Our patient-centric approach is a reference point in the formulation of CR priorities, which is based on two strategic pillars that are consistent with the relevant UN sustainable development goals: a) access to healthcare and b) responsible business.
Novartis Hellas contributed a total of $271 million to the Greek GDP in 2018 and generated almost 2,000 jobs directly, indirectly and induced according to the findings of the Impact Valuation study, which was conducted by the mother company for its local markets. The outcome confirms the company’s commitment towards sustainable development, as well as its focus on patients and the Greek society in general. Aligned with the company’s global vision to help people live better and longer lives, Novartis Hellas invested in 2018 $4,3 mil. in Research and Development. The company conducted 79 clinical trials, which benefited more than 2,000 Greek patients and offered 43 therapies (established and innovative) that reached 1,4 million patients generated 24,5 thousand QALYS (Quality Adjusted Life Years). The social impact of the Novartis these therapies to the country’s GDP contribution through healthier people reached $469 million. 

Our vision is to become a pioneer in protecting health, safety and the environment. Novartis does not have pharmaceutical production units in Greece and therefore its impact on the environment mainly concerns the activities of its employees at the company’s offices as well as the transportation of its employees and products. Novartis is committed to minimizing the environmental footprint of its products throughout their life cycle. In this context, we focus on four areas with strategic environmental implications, taking into account the precautionary principle:
  • Energy and Climate
  • Water and Micro-contamination
  • Materials and Waste
  • Environmental Management