Face analysis from home: NIVEA launches an AI-based web app

Face analysis from home: NIVEA launches an AI-based web app

  • New NIVEA SKiN GUiDE web app analyses individual skin needs via “selfies”
  • AI technology based on over 12 million skin images of 10,000 women
  • Beiersdorf thus creates another digital milestone and more closeness to consumers

With the newly launched NIVEA SKiN GUiDE web app, Beiersdorf is sharing its many years of skin care expertise directly with consumers and is taking a decisive step towards digitalization. NIVEA SKiN GUiDE determines female users’ individual skin needs virtually on the basis of their selfies and draws on extensive research data: More than 10,000 women worldwide have measured their skin every day for several months. The result is more than 12 million skin images, which Beiersdorf has analyzed with the help of artificial intelligence.

“As part of Beiersdorf’s C.A.R.E.+ strategy, this innovation brings us even closer to our consumers and their diverse and individual skin care needs. With our NIVEA web app, users can find out what their skin really needs via their smartphone – especially in the current situation, home applications are in high demand,” said Iain Holding, General Manager Beiersdorf Germany.

NIVEA SKiN GUiDE makes individual face analysis easy, fast and accessible to women by measuring three parameters of their skin: optical skin age, skin tightness and skin evenness. With each selfie, the web app learns more about its users’ skin. On the basis of the analysis results, they learn which active ingredients they really need and receive personal product recommendations and skin care tips tailored to their needs. In addition, users can also document the long-term development of their skin in one of the web app’s unique features, the digital skin diary.

“NIVEA SKiN GUiDE reflects both Beiersdorf’s leading skin care expertise and our increasing degree of digitalization. On the one hand, the web app creates genuine added value for consumers in the area of skin care and directly connects us with them via digital channels. On the other hand, the large amount of high-quality data enables us to respond even better to the individual needs of our consumers and to create a truly personalized brand experience along the entire consumer journey,” said Martin Böhm, Chief Digital Officer Beiersdorf.

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